All support gratefully acknowledged!!!

The weeks keep rushing by to our assessment and Final Degree Show and it’s scary realising how much work is still to do!  It’s at times like these that I wish I hadn’t been quite so ambitious with this installation – the to do list is daunting.

I am continuing to work with a very helpful and supportive IT technician who is showing me how to animate and add sound tracks to my 3D virtual images.  At the moment he has explained and captured the installation from 3 angles and it’s really exciting seeing the work come to life.  Adding the sound track gives a real indication of what the actual piece will be like. This work will continue this week and the resulting animation will be an exciting addition to my body of work.

After having sent several emails asking for help/resources I was delighted to receive a reply from  the Masson Mills Working Textile Museum at Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.  They have said that I can borrow some of their bobbins for the installation.  This is fantastic news – not only will it save on the budget, but they have a wonderful selection of sizes and shapes of bobbins which will add variation to the installation.  It is a really interesting place to visit and the volunteers who give the machinery demonstrations are very helpful and knowledgeable.  Masson Mills

Be warned though – if you visit in the colder weather wrap up warm – it gets quite cold amongst all the machines.  Visit the Masson Mill website for further information.

I had a tutorial last week with a visiting lecturer.  He had no prior knowledge of my work and although it was scary, it was also very interesting hearing what he considered my work to be about.  He made some useful suggestions as well as highlighting things that I hadn’t thought about and which probably I should have!!!

As the title of this post states, all support is gratefully acknowledged!! Furthermore, it is amazing how many people are prepared to help if you ask them nicely!!

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