Animation Antics


Well another week has passed and the 3D animation of the bobbin installation is progressing.  Had another lesson from the very helpful IT technician who introduced me to Final Cut Pro.  Now for all you computer whizzes this might be old hat to you, but to me it is another step forward in my IT education. Admittedly I am only using the basics on the programme, but already the animation – with the addition of some of the sound tracks – is really coming to life.  Click on the link to see for yourselves.

Spent a lovely weekend touring around the Yorkshire Moors – nice lunch in Helmsley – and equally pleasant evening meal at The Queen’s Head in Finghall.  Visited the Farfield Mill Arts and Heritage Centre just outside Sedbergh in Cumbria and saw different examples of hand operated looms as well as the mechanical type.  Everyone at the mill was very friendly and helpful and the ‘heritage exhibitions’ are very interesting.  It was also interesting to view the artists’ studios – such a variety of work! Again, click on the link to get a taste of what’s on offer – Farfield Mill.

As you can see from the photo, it was the threads that captivated me again! The mill provided me with further inspiration for my installation and I am now trying to source the materials in order to realise the new additions.


DSC_0255It wasn’t all mills and threads though, as you can see we did get out and about in the snow – this time looking at the railway viaduct – although I suppose this is a line of sorts and therefore a connecting thread…


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