Pecha Kucha and Pinterest Ponderings

Thought I would tell you about our Pecha Kucha presentations we have been asked to do for uni.  Devised in Tokyo in 2003, Pecha Kucha (from the Japanese term for the sound of ‘chit chat’) rests on the simple idea of presenting 20 images x 20 seconds.  We have been asked not to show our own work, but to talk and show images of things that mean a lot to us or have influenced our work.  Some of the participants have kept strictly to artists that have inspired them, others have veered away from that to talk about other influences,  for example, their family, and some have produced a presentation that is a mixture of the two.

As my turn is coming up during the first week back after Easter I have begun to think about and compile my presentation.  Whilst doing this I have come to realise it is extremely hard to narrow the presentation down to just 20 images!  The more I add to my selection, the more I realise what an eclectic mix it is – everything from artists’ such as Gabriel Dawe, Gabriel Dawea Mexican artist who creates fabulous optical illusions within site-specific installations (click on the link to view his website) to places that mean a lot, as well as people that are important to me.  Although this Pecha Kucha is not compulsory, I think it has been a very useful exercise in focussing your mind on what matters most, not only in your work, but also in life.

I was introduced to another way of collating my influences by a uni colleague. To those of you who already know about Pinterest then I apologise for telling you things you already know;  for those of you for whom all things techno is still a mystery then listen up.  Pinterest is a very simple way of creating ‘boards’ of everything that interests or influences you – it could be anything, from an artist to an object to a place to a…whatever you want.  The best thing is that it really is very easy to join and start uploading images – if I can do it then it must be simple.  Click here Pinterest to see for yourself.  Again, it’s a great way of seeing at a glance what influences you.  Give it a try, but be warned, it is quite addictive!

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