Momentum is definitely gathering during this final run in to assessment week and the Final Show! Gathering in one corner of my house is a whole host of audio equipment – mini speakers, amplifiers, cables, Blu-Ray player – you get the picture.  This, along with the 350 bobbins, really brings home the amount of work I have to do during installation week and it is at times like this I wish I had stuck to drawing – but it’s too late now! Met my Part A helper the other day – she seemed excited that it was installation, but I think she will be fed up hanging bobbins by the end of the week – I am sure we all will!! I am trying to get as much done beforehand, all those fiddly but time-consuming things, as well as buying paint trays, rollers, filler all ready for the off. I seem to be making endless To Do lists, as much to stop panic setting in, as well as trying not to forget anything.  I’m sure that once I get started the butterflies that are beginning to gather will settle down – won’t they?

Here are the details, times and dates of our ShowPicture 2 so feel free to pop in and see, not only my ‘Connecting Threads’ but all the other artworks that reflect the culmination of everyone’s three years of hard work!! Seeing the publicity material for the Show makes it real – it is no longer some event way off in the future – it’s actually happening!