Thoughts About The Future…

As part of our assessment we have to write a 500 statement about our work – details about our research, conceptual methodologies, context and so on- as well as speculate as to how our work might develop in the future.  I think it fair to say most of us on the course find this part a little difficult! It does however, focus the mind on what is important, after all you only have 500 words to get all the information in, which isn’t a lot.  Speculating about the future, which is coming all too soon, makes you realise that we will all be leaving this cocoon, this university environment, and trying to make it out there in the big, wide world.

I have got another idea for an installation based on the cotton mills involving giant bobbins and sound, but at this stage of the game, it is not something I could realise in time for the Show.  It is however, a consideration for the future, something I could propose…

Talking of the future, I found a quote in Tim Ingold’s book, Lines A Brief History, that I thought rounded off my statement quite well, referring as it does to paths, and that is, after all where I started – ‘It is along paths…that people grow into a knowledge of the world around them’ – there remains many paths yet to be explored!

Lines - A Brief History


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