The Power of Water

Came across this audio-visual installation by the Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa – what is it about water that we find so mesmerising?  I could sit and listen to this for ages, you become almost transfixed by the noise, hypnotised by the sight of the water falling.  Check out his website for more of his amazing installations and recordings.  This piece called OctfallsOctfalls reminded me of the mill stream at Cromford Mill in Derbyshire.  Having recorded the water falling over the mill stream, my aim is to project the film onto material woven at a mill. The material will act as a curtain that viewers will have to walk through to enter the space where the bobbins will be suspended – that’s the plan at any rate!!  Trying hard to ignore Robert Burns’s  ‘The best laid schemes of mice and men’…


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