Time and Tide…and Teasels!

Finalising details for the installation this week, which, I have to admit, is giving me some sleepless nights!! The technical elements are proving to be extremely troublesome to say the least.  Ensuring all the audio kit is appropriate for the installation and not too expensive entails a lot of research on the internet, phone calls to technicians and trial and error!  I keep telling myself that everything will work out and not to panic but it is proving difficult – especially as time is whizzing by…

DSCN1783In order to add variation and interest to the installation I am considering hanging some teasels within the bobbins.  Teasels were used in the textile industry as a way of raising the nap on the cloth thereby making it softer – poor man’s cashmere so to speak! I just love the machine they invented for this purpose!!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I could also hang some of the pirns in the piece – these are part of a flying shuttle. The shuttles themselves are fairly heavy and, ever mindful of the cumulative weight of the installation, using just the pirns seems to be a suitable compromise.  Including these elements is also a way of ‘bulking out’ the installation in case I do not have enough bobbins – although with 350 bobbins sitting in the garage that seems unlikely.  In fact I will have more than 350 bobbins as I already have some of my own, plus Farfield Mill in Sedbergh, Cumbria, have agreed to lend me some large plastic ones.  I thought I could sit these on top of the dividing walls, making them look as if they are ‘feeding’ the yarn into the cables that are suspending the bobbins – thereby making the cables more a part of the installation rather than just a means to an end.  Of course this all adds to the work, but what’s a little more stress in the scheme of things….


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