Artistic Realities…?

Life after the Degree Show seemed a little anti-climatic – catching up, or trying to, on all those jobs that fell by the wayside during the final weeks of the course.  However, a couple of recent e-mails catapulted me into the realities of life as an artist.  The first was from the Wirksworth Festival (Derbyshire) organisers wanting to include my work on the shortlist for the Graduate Exhibition at the Festival – I still am a little overwhelmed that ‘people’ like my work!!  The second e-mail was from the ‘Discovery Days Festival at Derwent Valley’ organiser (Connecting Threads is being exhibited in the First Building at Cromford Mill during the Festival) wanting me to forward marketing information and images of my work for their Festival brochure.  So far so good!! However, along with all the exciting stuff is the mundane; the inevitable Risk Assessment form and insurance details…

So this morning has been spent writing and adapting my artist’s statement for the Cromford Mill exhibition, selecting images and trying to organise site visits and installation dates.  Although all this admin is a necessary evil I console myself with the thought that I only have to do it because my work is ACTUALLY being exhibited!

I am doing all this admin stuff crammed in our 3rd bedroom/study (the ‘not enough room to swing a cat round in’ sized study) surrounded by all the equipment for Connecting Threads – which runs into several crate loads. Oh to have a separate studio to work in…

And while I am contemplating all of the above, in the back of my mind is looming Results Day – Monday 1st July…


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