Celebrated Connections…

It was with some trepidation that I logged on to find out my final results. Because I wasn’t expecting them to be posted I didn’t do my usual trick of squinting at the screen; I just pressed the button with my eyes wide open and…there they were!  I am still finding it hard to take in but …I came out with a First!! You have to remember, this is the person who, on receiving her mark for the very first semester back in Part A, cried because they were so terrible – there is a lesson there somewhere about not giving up…I still keep having to read the feedback forms to confirm I didn’t just dream it all up!

I am the first to point out though, that I couldn’t have done it without the advice and encouragement of the technical and academic staff – and my extremely supportive husband!

Wirksworth Festival have also confirmed that they would like me to show my installation in the Graduate Exhibition in September – again, amazing! Have also sent off images, a short and long description of the installation, plus a short bio, to Cromford ready for all the promo material for the Discovery Days Festival in October! Going up to First Mill again on Friday to take some measurements and finalise some more details ready for the installation of Connecting Threads. Don’t laugh, but they would like me to do a couple of Meet the Artist sessions???!!

Am wrestling, yet again, with an application form for Arts Council funding – even rang their help-line yesterday for advice – Gavin was very helpful! However, just because you have finished uni don’t think that means the end of composing statements about what you are doing and why…

Anyway, I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who has been successful with their Finals and wish them the best for the future. See you at the Graduation Ceremony!!Popping champagne corks


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