Site-specific Inspirations..

Taking a break from wrestling with forms, working out budgets, looking for opportunities etc I came across the work of Andy Cao, Xavier Perrot and the team at Cao Perrot Studios. Not only do the installations look beautiful, possessing an ephemeral quality, I like the site-specific nature of them. I like their choice of materials, the way the light reflects from the crystals and the way the cast shadows add another element to the work.  This piece in Beauvois, France particularly caught my eye.  It is called ‘Red Bowl’ Cao Perrot Red Bowland deals with man’s purification and the shift from sacred to secular. I like the way visitors had to cross the pond echoing that transition.  Cao Perrot Studios White Dome‘White Dome’, a cupola of swarovski crystals creates a rain of light, symbol of the soul’s purification and ascension.

Cao Perrot Studios White Dome DetailTheir web-site is well worth a visit. I also like the look of the Pollen Garden 1 & 2 and Bai Yun (White Cloud)!Bai Yun White CloudOn a more mundane note, I have now officially subscribed to the web-site and can now take advantage of their Artists Public Liability Insurance which I need for Cromford and the Charnwood Museum exhibitions – does this make me an artist now??


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