Rite of Passage…

Friday 19th July 2013 dawned in very much the same way the preceding days had…extremely hot!! The heat though, wasn’t my biggest concern, falling flat on my face before the great and the good at my Graduation Ceremony most definitely was. The saving grace was that we didn’t have to wear mortarboards!  I am pleased to report however, that the ceremony passed off without a hitch – we all appeared to keep our nerves, walk across the stage, shake hands and even smile –  without tripping!! It was lovely to meet up again with some of my cohort and partake in the general congratulatory atmosphere – and to get my hands on that bit of paper that I had worked so hard for over the past three years! It was only when I looked at the certificate that it really sank in just what I had achieved and I finally allowed myself to feel just a tiny bit proud – I hope my parents who came along, as well as Peter, felt the same way!DSC_1079

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the 2013 graduates and every success in all your future endeavours!!!

I have a feeling that the hard work is only just beginning…


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