Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming…

It’s been a little quiet on the art front lately – that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about art though! Far from it, but at the moment, it all seems to be about paperwork, and I don’t mean the drawing, painting kind… So far I have completed a Risk Assessment form for the installation at Cromford, along with organising Public Liability insurance.  I am eagerly waiting to see what my inclusion i.e. the photos and ‘blurb’ in the Discovery Days Festival programme looks like – will let you know when the programme is available. The possibility of exhibiting in China is also on the cards but there are some details to finalise before it is all confirmed so again I will keep you posted – the exhibitionSuzhou Culture and Arts Centre building (Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre) looks fantastic though and it would  be a fabulous opportunity so I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed!! I am also attempting to submit an application form for the Opem 3 exhibition in Lincoln – just got to compose a good artist’s statement and anyone who knows me, understands how I struggle with these…

This hiatus however, has also provided me the opportunity to search for inspiration, places to visit and dream a little…! And if ever I manage to get to Italy here’s one place that definitely appears worth a look.  Arte Sella (The Contemporary Mountain) combines two of the things I really love, the great outdoors and art. I specially like the snow clad Tree Cathedral. Arte Sella Tree Cathedral winterArte Sella Tree Cathedral summer

The notion of working with, and enjoying nature but respecting it at the same time, is a concept close to my heart and the idea of seemingly subtle interventions that are allowed to grow, evolve and consequently decay for me, encapsulates this whole ethos.

Oh well enough of the dreaming, back to the application form…

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