Stress-free sun, sea and …windmills!

We all need a little chill out time and I recently spent a very enjoyable week in a villa about 20 minutes outside Mojacar, southern Spain. Although I did take a sketch book and pen I’m afraid to say that I didn’t open it once! It was great just to soak up the sun, do a little sight-seeing and relax (and not think about bobbins!!) I have to say it was not an auspicious start to the break as we arrived in the middle of a rain storm. That was however, the only rain we saw all week and the temperatures rapidly rose to 28 – 33 C.

Mojacar was a great place for a mooch about; lots of little alleys and streets to explore, even if at times I did feel like a mountain goat!  Great little cafes for morning coffee with fantastic views over the countryside to the sea. The light is just gorgeous with the blue skies and bright sunlight bouncing off the white buildings – and the bourgainvilleas were spectacular!Bougainvillia

We found a beautiful moorish style restaurant in the mountains above Turre with the most fabulous views.  We then drove over the mountains along little more than scree covered tracks until we reached the sea on the other side passing isolated, deserted villages along the way.

My favourite buildings were the windmills ( shades of Don Quixote, although I am not sure my other half would consider himself as Sancho Panza!!) It was fascinating to see the sails, totally different to how they are constructed in the UK.  There was such a simple beauty to them as they stood sentry like, gazing out across the terrain. The creaking sounds they made as the wind blew threw them and the shadows they cast were all very inspiring – what stories they could tell. Having returned home, they make me want to rush out and find my nearest windmill…DSC_1224

Discovery Days Festival

Well, the programme of events for the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site Discovery Days Festival has been released and it seems strange, if not a little scary, to see my name and ‘blurb’ amongst everything else that’s going on!  This Festival and my inclusion in it seems to have been on a far distant horizon for so long but seeing my name in print brings it home that the event is creeping ever closer and I will soon have to deliver the said work! Hopefully, with having installed the piece once already, it should go smoothly, but you never can tell…

I am also having to re-acquaint myself with the research etc I did for the work so that it is all fresh in my mind for the two Meet the Artist sessions I have agreed to do!! (Must have been mad!!)

The Festival is on from 26th October to 3rd November inclusive – please come along if you are in the area (moral support gratefully accepted!!) – there will be lots to see and do!!

Derwent Valley Mills