Well, the programme of events for the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site Discovery Days Festival has been released and it seems strange, if not a little scary, to see my name and ‘blurb’ amongst everything else that’s going on!  This Festival and my inclusion in it seems to have been on a far distant horizon for so long but seeing my name in print brings it home that the event is creeping ever closer and I will soon have to deliver the said work! Hopefully, with having installed the piece once already, it should go smoothly, but you never can tell…

I am also having to re-acquaint myself with the research etc I did for the work so that it is all fresh in my mind for the two Meet the Artist sessions I have agreed to do!! (Must have been mad!!)

The Festival is on from 26th October to 3rd November inclusive – please come along if you are in the area (moral support gratefully accepted!!) – there will be lots to see and do!!

Derwent Valley Mills