Site-specific Connecting Threads!

Well, after a very tiring five days, Connecting Threads is at last on display in the First Mill at Cromford! Despite the rain and the damp we managed to install the work along with the supporting material – even if it did take three hours to hang five photographs owing to the fact we couldn’t drill into the walls so had to devise an alternative solution. All the staff and workmen appeared intrigued as to what we were doing – although the gentleman who enquired if we were hanging Christmas decorations did dampen my spirits a little. After asking me to describe in two words what we were doing, he harrumphed and replied ‘That says it all’ and immediately left when I answered his question with ‘Art installation’ – oh well you can’t win them all!!

On a lighter note, whilst we were in the middle of installing the work the BBC arrived to film at the Mill for the series ‘Restoration’.  Wanting to show that the mill building was being utilised – even if it isn’t fully restored – they asked me to carry on working while they filmed. Whether this means that I will appear in the background on the series remains to be seen – more likely I will end up on the cutting room floor. Nevertheless, they seemed genuinely interested in the work and it was fun watching how the professionals film and record – should have asked for a few tips!!

Even the very changeable weather didn’t put people off visiting the Mill. There was a steady trickle of visitors and I received some lovely comments; ‘Simply brilliant, with hidden depths – I love it’ was one such remark along with ‘Alive and not pretentious – hypnotic’. Although it is not the only reason I produce work, it is satisfying that others enjoy the installation! Lets see what the rest of the Festival holds.

Connecting Threads


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