Remembering……..and elephants

Continuing the tale of my weekend…After Saturday’s visit to Bristol and its art galleries, Sunday was conducted at a much more sedentary pace, helped in no short measure by the fact that it was a beautiful day. From our hotel near Chepstow we drove up through the Forest of Dean. Blue skies and sunshine encouraged us to park the car and take a walk. It was one of those days when its just great to get outdoors, breath in the air and be thankful – never more so than last Sunday which was Rememberance Sunday. Walking along on a carpet of coppeCarpet of Goldr, the trees lining the path resplendent inForest of Dean all their autumn glory, providing their own tribute to the fallen – it was the perfect place for a moment of quiet contemplation.

We journeyed on to Monmouth where we had a picnic by the river, and from there on to Ross-on-Wye, such a pretty town, with lots of higgledy-piggledy streets, a lovely riverside walk as well as historic buildings to explore. This is such a beautiful area and one that I look forward to returning to in the future.

And elephants..? Well, after all the ‘artwork’ we saw on Saturday my better half is rapidly coming to the conclusion that ‘anything’ can be art so when we found this waiting for us in the hotel room I just had to take a photo. What do you call the art of towel-folding?

Towel elephant


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