Ups and downs…

Having been up to Cromford Mill over the weekend it was satisfying to receive some more positive comments about ‘Connecting Threads’. People seem to like the fact that there are several layers to the work – and I must admit, it is quite funny watching people as they walk around it, suddenly realise where the sounds are coming from, and that the sounds are all different. It is also heart-warming to know that one person liked it so much they came back for a second visit – thank you Maja!

One small incident  took the shine off the weekend though; some unmentionable seems to think that it is ok to help themselves (or should that be steal) one of the sets of headphones! What is it with these people – just because it’s not nailed down that makes it alright for them to take it?

In light of this I have now removed the remaining set of headphones; unfortunately this results in viewers not being able to hear the dvds – just watch the moving images. As usual the small minority spoil it for the majority.

I am a big believer however, in what goes around, comes around…



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