My ‘not quite 15 minutes of fame….’

In the words of Andy Warhol everyone will be famous for 15 minutes – in my case it was more like 2 seconds!! Watching the BBC Restoring England’s Heritage (East Midlands) programme last night there was an update on several of the projects from the original Restoration programme, one of which was Cromford Mill. There was footage from the original report accompanied by film of the Mill as it is now. Shots of the exterior, plus film of two construction workers walking across the bridge (which we watched them film) were shown along with film of the interior of the First Mill … along with about 2 seconds worth of ME up on the tower scaffold hanging bobbins!!! Don’t blink or you will miss me!! If you want to have a look click on the link.

Carolyn Roberts

Connecting Threads has now been dismantled and packed away until next April when it will go on show at the Charnwood Museum in Loughborough.