Two’s Company…blog update

A quick post today to let you know how I am progressing with the exercises..

I did another set of still life with the various pencils attached to the 3 foot bamboo stick etc (as detailed in the previous post). Again, having little or no control over the pencil really removes the pressure I put on myself to create beautiful, finished pieces.  It’s also interesting to highlight some of the marks that I particularly like thereby adding some detail.

Carolyn J Roberts Carolyn J Roberts

The next exercise involved taping two pencils or pen/pencil, in fact any combination of drawing implements together and drawing an object. This again produced some unexpected marks;  it almost felt like you were looking at what was beneath the surface of the object rather than just producing an outline.

Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts

Carolyn J Roberts

Are there any exercises that you like to do to get the old creative juices flowing and the arm loosened up? Let me know – would love to give them a go!

Had an enjoyable visit to the Lakeside at Nottinham to see the Pop Art to Brit Art Exhibition but will tell you about that next time!

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