Marking Progress…blog update

Just a quick update on my drawing exercise progress so far…

In this next exercise I concentrated on drawing with my non-dominant hand whilst, at the same time, only looking at the paper for a few seconds at a time, the majority of the time my focus was on the object (a Lladro figure of a vet). I tried various mediums. On the last attempt I went back with my dominant hand and highlighted some of the areas I particularly liked. I know it’s just for fun and the images are far from perfect – proportions leave a lot to be desired – but doing these exercises has really got me over my’white paper syndrome’.

Carolyn J Roberts

In fact, I’ve been really encouraged and have even been messing around with ink and charcoal. As you can see I made marks with charcoal and then dropped ink on top, blowing it around and leaving to dry. I then went back over with the charcoal and this is the result,,,

Carolyn J RobertsIt’s only baby steps, but I really feel as if I have made some progess…


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