Recharging the batteries…blog update

At last, after all the terrible weather we’ve been having, it was great to wake up to blue skies and sunshine. Living within a stone’s throw of The National Forest, it took us no time at all to don our wellies and head out there for some much needed R & R! No sooner had we started to make our way along the trails, than we came across this willow, laden with catkins, Catkinstwinkling like jewels in the sunshine.

Silver Birch

Although the forest is a mixture of broad-leaved trees, it was the silver birches, their white trunks, stretching up to salute the blue sky, that really caught my eye! That’s not to say I had my head in the clouds the whole time; there was plenty at ground level to enjoy. From twisted trunks, beautifully patterned fungi to luscious green moss, it really made one believe that spring is on its way!







Being able to get outside, (and not get drenched whilst doing so), was just what I needed. I have been a little lost of late, not knowing what my next focus was going to be (although the drawing exercises have renewed my love of this medium). I think possibly, I got too ‘bogged down’ in trying to think of another piece similar to Connecting Threads, but the fresh air and the beauty of mother nature, being polar opposites to the mill industry, has inspired me to get out and about and enjoy working with, and in nature! I’ve even started doodling…

Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts

Carolyn J Roberts

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