Sun, snowdrops, crystals, galloping horses & of course…trees – blog update

Waking up to blue skies and sunshine on Saturday morning we decided to jump into the car and head off, up the M1 (even the 20 miles of 50mph roadworks didn’t put us off!), to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park! I love this place; combining two of my passions – art and the great outdoors – plus a great cafe balcony to sit and contemplate the scenery, what could be better?

Walking around the park it is easy to see where Angie Lewin got the inspiration for her fabulous prints. Clumps of snowdrops herald in the spring, whilst the daffodils, just beginning to shoot, hold the promise of more cheer to come. However, it is easy to overlook the beauty in the remnants of autumn – these sedum plants being a case in point!

DSC_2077Carolyn J Roberts

In contrast to the parkland is Roger Hiorns’ work ‘Seizure’. Hiorns sealed up a bedsit in a condemned block of flats in London, poured in 75 000 litres of copper sulphate solution and left nature to take its course. What is left is a wondrous cavern of blue crystals covering every surface, totally altering the space and your interpretation of it. It was amazing to see just how far the crystals had grown into the space, entry to the small bathroom now almost an impossibility. The colour of the crystals is stunning and the urge to reach out and touch them nearly irresistable..although you are politely asked to refrain from doing so! If chemistry lessons had involved doing things like this I might have paid a little more attention and thus achieved more than a C grade at ‘O’ level!!

Ains Roger Hiorns SiezureEmerging from this crystal grotto, we took a walk around the park – (really glad I wore my wellies) – enjoying the sunshine and the sculptures; Moore, Nash, Long and new work by Tom Price – a real statement about today’s society and how we seem to experience life through social media rather than at first hand. Heading back through the trees, we spied Julian Opie’s Galloping Horse and now I am in heaven, horses being another of my passions! Stripping back his images, Opie reduces his work to the bare minimum, leaving just enough information to produce a recognisable subject. This work is Opie’s take on all those monumental horse sculptures we see in city centres and also a nod to the Bretton Stables that was once on the YSP estate. Hypnotic movement draws you to the piece – a 21st century take on a familiar subject!

Julian Opie

Anyone following my recent tweets will know that I have developed a ‘thing’ for trees, and if there’s one thing that the YSP isn’t short of, it’s trees! So I came away with lots of inspiration for further drawings…

Carolyn J Roberts

All in all, we had a fantastic day and I can’t wait to return to see the upcoming exhibition by Ursula Von Rydingsvard combining drawing and sculpture, particularly with cedar wood!

What places inspire you?


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