Dabbling…blog update

As a total contrast to Connecting Threads i.e. tying bobbins, sounds etc. my recent holiday in Scotland encouraged me to pick up my paint brush and dabble with watercolours – something I have not done for well over a year, if not two and even then I wasn’t very confident!

The weather in Scotland was changeable and this led me to experiment with washes – principally as a way of loosening up and gaining confidence – this was a very wet, grey day at the coast –

First washes Carolyn J Roberts

and this was a very watery day sat overlooking a very peaceful Lochinvar, the hills in the distance a very pale shadow, and with only a lonely curlew for company –

Lochinvar Carolyn J Roberts

Spurred on I then tried to capture this lonely, windswept clump of trees we came across –

Windswept Carolyn J Roberts

Windswept Carolyn J Roberts

Not sure how successful you think my first efforts are but I will keep on practising!

Tidying up loose connections…blog update

Having had time to take stock of the installation process for Connecting Threads and the exhibition itself at The Charnwood Museum, Loughborough I am really pleased with how it all went. The installation went relatively smoothly, apart from the previously mentioned dud cables, and I think the end result looks great – even if I do say so myself!!  Managed to get a photo from the mezzanine level looking down – although it doesn’t show up so good on the photo – the shadows and colours highlighted by the spotlights add another dimension to the work!

Connecting Threads

Connecting Threads









It is so nice this week to be able to take a little time to have a bit of a tidy up – just while all the component parts of the installation are temporarily elsewhere! I can actually get into the garage and not have to squeeze along a narrow passageway between plastic storage boxes!! There is also room to fit two people in the study…

Even managed to squeeze in a bit of garden tidying too – and being out in the garden gave me time to take stock of the other piece of artwork I created for my Degree show and subsequent exhibition at Cromford Mill – my laser-cut spinning mule Obsolescence.  Having been left outside over the winter it is really beginning to rust creating that feeling of the machinery becoming obsolete. I like the effect of the rust – what do you think?

ObsolescenceNow, my husband is saying, if you could just sell this piece we would have more room in the garden!

With the installation up and running I can get back to considering future projects – there are a couple of possibilities in the pipe line but I wont say too much in case I jinx them.

In the meantime I am continuing to draw and experiment with watercolours – if I am happy with them I might even post some pictures of them!



Charnwood Connected…blog update

Well I am pleased to say that Connecting Threads is now installed at The Charnwood Museum, Loughborough. Between the two of us, my long-suffering husband and I managed to install the work in four and a half days – a record – well they do say practise makes perfect! The exhibition opens tomorrow, 5th April (doors open at 10.00am) and runs until the 1st June!

Connecting ThreadsConnecting Threads

Connecting Threads




Can I say a big thank you to all the staff at the museum for making us feel so welcome!




If you are in the area do pop in and see the exhibition (and perhaps partake of coffee and cake in the cafe!)

Connecting Charnwood…blog update

Just a quick update on the Connecting Threads installation at Charnwood Museum, Loughborough! We had a good day on Monday – the scaffold tower arrived early as well as the man with the van so we were able to get started as soon as the staff let us through the doors. The photographs are up, the televisions fixed in place, the maquettes are in the display cases and the cables were fixed! Today was electrics day – and yes you’ve guessed – even though we tested the cables before installing them (and they all worked) when we hung them up two of them didn’t work! Having learnt our lessons from previous times we had only loosely fixed them up but it was still a nuisance. Much huffing, puffing and sighing later they now work!

Connecting Charnwood Carolyn J Roberts

Connecting Charnwwod Carolyn J Roberts




Connecting Charnwood Carolyn J Roberts






Tomorrow will be wool winding and hanging bobbins day – and this is when you can actually start to get an idea of the finished work!

All being well we should be done and all ready to open on Saturday – will keep you posted!