Tidying up loose connections…blog update

Having had time to take stock of the installation process for Connecting Threads and the exhibition itself at The Charnwood Museum, Loughborough I am really pleased with how it all went. The installation went relatively smoothly, apart from the previously mentioned dud cables, and I think the end result looks great – even if I do say so myself!!  Managed to get a photo from the mezzanine level looking down – although it doesn’t show up so good on the photo – the shadows and colours highlighted by the spotlights add another dimension to the work!

Connecting Threads

Connecting Threads









It is so nice this week to be able to take a little time to have a bit of a tidy up – just while all the component parts of the installation are temporarily elsewhere! I can actually get into the garage and not have to squeeze along a narrow passageway between plastic storage boxes!! There is also room to fit two people in the study…

Even managed to squeeze in a bit of garden tidying too – and being out in the garden gave me time to take stock of the other piece of artwork I created for my Degree show and subsequent exhibition at Cromford Mill – my laser-cut spinning mule Obsolescence.  Having been left outside over the winter it is really beginning to rust creating that feeling of the machinery becoming obsolete. I like the effect of the rust – what do you think?

ObsolescenceNow, my husband is saying, if you could just sell this piece we would have more room in the garden!

With the installation up and running I can get back to considering future projects – there are a couple of possibilities in the pipe line but I wont say too much in case I jinx them.

In the meantime I am continuing to draw and experiment with watercolours – if I am happy with them I might even post some pictures of them!



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