Tidying up loose…dabbles…blog update

I can’t believe that there is less than a week to go before my Connecting Threads exhibition at The Charnwood Museum, Loughborough comes to an end. This time next week all the elements will be packed away in boxes and the bobbins returned to Sir Richard Arkwright’s Masson Mills Working Textile Museum! How time flies! It was fantastic to see the work displayed in the museum and I have received lots of great comments! Thanks to all the staff at the museum for their support and help!

Connecting ThreadsConnecting Threads








The rain this week seems to match my mood – I am trying to write two residency applications – something I really struggle with! Some of my proposals appears to be rather airy-fairy because unless I am successful in obtaining the residency it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the work would be! Catch 22…

On a positive note – and this might be small fry compared to some of you out there – but I am really pleased to have had over a 1,000 views on my blog! A big thank you to all those who have helped me reach this figure!

The rain has been a hinderance this week as I really wanted to get out and about sketching more trees in order to submit some work for an exhibition at Blue Owl Art later in the year! Instead I am indoors, framing work whilst sorting out others that I need to re-do, do more work on etc.

I have continued dabbling with watercolours, experimenting with washes, techniques and adding different mediums. Inspired by the landscapes that I love i.e the moors here are a few of my dabbles!

Inspired by the moorsInspired by the moors






MoorlandAutumn hedgerows






Evening moorlandEvening sunset






I am really enjoying all this experimenting and am trying hard to keep the work loose and more abstract. I am tempted to work some of these dabbles into larger pieces – what do you think?

Okay I’ve procrastinated long enough – on with the applications…..

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