Working towards my goals…blog update

As I said in my last post I found the Professional Creative Planning Workshop run by Creative Leicestershire to be a liberating experience. I had found myself at a crossroads, in a vicious circle if you like, where I was so desperate not to compromise all that I had learnt at Loughborough University, to focus solely on looking for/creating installation work, I almost felt that by producing watercolours and drawings I was in some way ‘letting the side down’. I had therefore put drawing/painting on the back burner so to speak whilst I looked for opportunities for the next installation. However, installations, whatever they comprise of, require funding and by not producing work of any kind raises the question of how I am to fund my art practice. The Workshop enabled me to see that the two areas of art do not have to be mutually exclusive – I can use one to fund the other (unless I am lucky enough to obtain funding from an external source for any installations).

To that end, I have again been experimenting with watercolours and also producing drawings that will, hopefully, be included in the Blue Owl Art exhibition in September – part of The Big Draw event.

Here are some of my drawings – some framed and ready to go – some still with work to be done!

Silver Birches Carolyn J RobertsSilver Birch Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts








Silver Birches II Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts






I enjoy the mixture of mediums and styles – I like to experiment with the marks I make!




Equally with the watercolours I am trying hard to produce loose, almost abstract landscapes, and, although I like to experiment, I am finding that at the moment my favourite colours are Winsor & Newton Indigo, Quinacridone Gold, Raw Umber, Violet, Prussian and Cerulean Blue!

Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts






Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts






Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Roberts






Carolyn J RobertsThink I went a bit mad with the cling-film on this one!

So for now, it’s on with the drawings and working some of the watercolours up into paintings in order to sell them (thus achieving one of my goals) – in that way I can fund my practice and that’s surely all part and parcel of being a professional artist isn’t it?



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