Driven to Draw…blog update

The prospect of participating in The Big Draw exhibition at Blue Owl Art, (located at Grantham Tennis Club) from September through to December, has provided me with the impetus to get out and about and actually produce some drawings! The whole ethos of the event made me consider why I draw and I came to the conclusion that drawing is my way of visualising the world around me, as I’m sure it is for a lot of people. It is fundamental in the translation of my ideas and integral to my thinking, experimenting, playing and making. Drawing is, for me, the mainstay of my creativity.

For the exhibition, this body of work has been inspired by The National Forest. Covering an area of over 200 square miles, millions of trees have been planted over the last twenty years in an attempt to demonstrate the benefits of living and working within, and next to, a woodland environment. Living only a stone’s throw from the Forest, it is a place I regularly visit – not only for relaxation, but also for contemplation and inspiration. It is a magical place whatever the season, from it’s stark beauty in winter, verdant greens and bluebell carpets of spring leading to dappled glades in summer, to the brilliant reds and golds of autumn.

Whatever I am researching/working on, there always seems to be one particular component that catches my eye – fires my imagination if you like – and in this instance it is the silver birch trees within the Forest. Their trunks, spindly limbs reaching skywards that mature to majestic white columns, inviting and guiding you around the paths.

I have been busy trying to capture their essence, using charcoal and graphite – seemed appropriate somehow! As in all work, there are successes and failures, but the following works are the ones I am most pleased with and have therefore mounted and framed ready for the exhibition. (I know I need to take better photos!)

Winter BirchSilver Birch ISilver Birch IISilver Birch III


Silver Birch IV

Silver Birch V


Silver Birch Diptych I

Silver Birch Diptych II

Silver Birch TriptychFor now I am continuing to produce work; whether all of them will make it into the exhibition remains to be seen, but if nothing else I am really enjoying getting my hands covered in charcoal and experimenting (or should that be playing!)


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