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Been a little quiet recently as we have been enjoying a wonderful two weeks in a quiet corner of Majorca. Lots of sunshine (with a few spectacular storms thrown in!), swimming in the sea, tapas….you get the picture. A great way to re-charge the batteries!

The exciting news on my return home was that I had actually sold a piece of art work! Although I have exhibited the installation Connecting Threads around the UK, I have never sold an actual piece before so I am thrilled to say the least – I know , little things and all that!

‘Bowed But Not Broken’ was one of a number of works I have in the ‘Make Your Mark’ exhibition at Blue Owl Art, Grantham – thanks to Jette and Belinda for all their support! Check the link to their website for more info regarding the exhibition and future events!

Bowed But Not Broken

I am positive that those of you who are artists can vividly remember the first piece you sold and I am sure I will do likewise! Of course, that raises the question, now that I have sold a piece of art, does that make me a ‘proper’ artist? Why do I need someone else’s validation to make me consider myself an artist? I would be really interested in hearing your views!