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Readers of my last post will be aware that I am developing some new work based on my love of the landscape – the contrast between the apparent permance of it and it’s fragility particularly appeals to me. Inspiration comes from the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and the North Norfolk coast – these areas are very special to me, I always feel ‘home’ when I’m there. I also love words, and for this new work I was also inpired by an extract from Robbie Burns’s ‘Tam O’ Shanter’ beginning ‘But pleasures are like poppies spread..’ (see previous post if you want to read the extract).

imageimageAnother poet was brought to my attention (again via Countryfile) – Simon Armitage; in particular his Stanza Stones poems which have been carved into rocks around a trail from Marsden to Ilkley. Not being sure about the laws of copyright (with regards to living poets) I am not reproducing the poems here but if you check out the websites you can read them. Armitage’s observations about the landscape and weather are magical, evoking a real sense of place.

So, suitably inspired, I have carried on developing and experimenting!

imageimageExperiment with different coloured tissue paper below – reserving judgement at the moment!

imageimageSome pieces I’m happy with and others I’m not so sure, so experimenting with cropping them.


imageI do feel as if I am putting together a body of work –

imageand therein lies the rub! To be able to show potential galleries/sell them, the works need professionally mounting and framing (when will I learn to make my work a standard size!) but how do I afford that without selling some…..Catch 22! Any tips from you guys would be greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile, on with the work…..