Learning not to compare…blog update

It’s taken a while but I finally got around to treating myself, using a Christmas present to purchase ‘Drawing and Painting’ by Kate Wilson.

imageAdmittedly I haven’t read it from cover to cover yet, but the bits I have read and the artists that are featured are providing me with a metaphorical ‘kick up the…’ to stop fiddling and procrastinating and just get on do stuff!

Here’s my pick of the artists so far (just my own – you might have a different opinion!)

I’ve alsways been a big fan of Tacita Dean ever since I saw some of her work in MoMA –

imageHer huge charcoal works on boards are just beautiful; the marks and subtle tones draw you right into the work.

The work of Jonathan Delafield Cook is also featured in the book; I am amazed at the detail he obtains in his charcoal works –

imageIn contrast, Zheng Chongbin‘s work in ink has some fabulous marks –

imageMarion Thomson’s collage with granulated gouache washes also appeals to me: I like the subtleness of the tones – imageI think one of the hardest lessons for an artist to take on board is not to compare your work with others – I know I am guilty of this! It only leads me to doubt my own ability and worth and I find it a real stumbling block to creativity. But looking at the artists above and the variety and style of their work just goes to prove there is no right or wrong way or style – it’s up to the individual to develop their own path!

I have been nominated on Twitter by Liz Doyle to take part in the art challenge – 3 pictures every day for 5 days… I was nominated before but failed miserably (you’ve guessed it – comparing my efforts to others). However I am determined to succeed this time and here are is my first day’s efforts – imageimageimageI restricted myself to 3 minutes/work – no time to fiddle! Just get on with it, take the photos and post!

Hard as it may be, I am determined to be inspired by other artists – not discouraged!


2 thoughts on “Learning not to compare…blog update

  1. I like your pieces Carolyn and can sympathise fully with what you say, it’s something I used to be guilty of. Thanks for reviewing the book, it’s one I’ve had on my Amazon wish list for a while, so it’s useful to see and read a bit more about it. I also love Marion’s collage, must check out more of her work.

    1. I really admire your work Mari so am thrilled you like my efforts! So far I’m enjoying the book and I’ve only just scratched the surface! There’s loads of helpful tips and suggestions which I think both beginners and more accomplished artists would find interesting. It also showcases a wide variety of artists and the insights into how they think and develop their work is really interesting! So far I am not disappointed with my present! Thank you once agin for your kind comments – they encourage me to persevere!

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