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I have many favourite artists ranging from JMW Turner

JMW Turnerand Degas

Ballerinas Sketch Edgar Degasthrough to Norman Ackroyd’s atmospheric prints.

ACK_333_Skellig_Rocks_County_Kerry-copyI also love the work of Beili Liu,

Beili LiuMonika Grzymala,

Monika GrzymalaRichard Long

Stone Circle Richard Longand the wonderful marks of Kitty Sabatier.

Kitty Sabatier 1I could go on – the list is endless! Covering a whole range of artistic mediums, the one thing that all these artists have in common is that they have all found – or should that be ‘developed’ – their own style. Now I realise that finding one’s own particular style doesn’t just happen overnight (unless you happen to be extremely gifted!) – it only comes after hours/years of hard work, experiments, failures, successes…….

At the moment I can’t seem to pinpoint my style – I waver between figurative drawings,

Carolyn J RobertsSilver Birch I

Auchencairn in pastelspencil and ink wash drawings,

Carolyn J Robertswatercolour washes

Carolyn J RobertsCarolyn J Robertsand a little mixed media.


I have been lucky in that I have had both figurative work and a watercolour wash piece exhibited. The difficulty arises when I am asked to describe myself/work in the dreaded artist’s statement as I don’t feel that I have a definitive style!

I would be really interested to hear how other artists (why do I still feel awkward calling myself an artist?) ‘found’ their style – let me know!

Meanwhile I will keep persevering…..