Earlier this week I committed a cardinal sin – unhappy with my first few ‘daubs’ in my new sketchbook, I tore the pages out……….

I had been looking forward to working in my new square Seawhite sketchbook after filling the previous one to the brim and more –














and looking back through it I really felt it was what a sketchbook should be, a record of my sketches, experiments, memories, ephemera, texts, poems etc.

Starting my new book shouldn’t have been an issue then; there it was, open, white pages just begging to be filled…

imageand what do I do? Splosh away, thinking I’m going to create something marvellous, produce (in my eyes) rubbish and subsequently tear the pages out – I really should know better!

imageCross with myself , I made coffee, browsed social media and tweeted about my new sketchbook and ‘white paper syndrome’. Within minutes I received tweets of encouragement and tips from some very kind artists about how they get started! Elaine Phipps in particular has been very generous with her comments, tips and encouragement, along with Mari French and Louisa Crispin – thank you ladies, and to everyone who takes the time to ‘chat’ with me over social media!

So, re-charged, I made another start – sticking in tissue paper and using up old ink and paints – one of Elaine’s tips!

imageimageimageimageNo pressure, just doodles – but what do you know, I’ve broken that duck…

What do you do to get over ‘white paper syndrome’? I’d love to hear from you!

And what do you know, when I framed up one of the pages I tore out…….I quite liked it……