An Inspirational First…blog update

Inspiration for an artist comes from all walks of life, all corners of the globe… Like all artists, I have my favourite places, particular interests and a whole host of artists who inspire me! From JMW Turner’s use of colour, Edgar Degas’ draughtsmanship, Maya Lin’s topographical installations and Monika Grzymala’s tape ‘drawings’ – plus a whole host in between! Social media has also revealed many more artists whose work I love and admire – one of the good things about the internet & Twitter!

Working at home can be quite lonely at times, so for me, social media is a way of keeping in contact with the world, seeing what’s happening both near and far. I also use Twitter to promote my work, tweeting images of my latest efforts – good or bad! I have been very lucky in that the feedback I have received thus far has been very positive and any criticisms have been of the constructive kind!

However, and this is where the ‘First’ comes in, never before had I thought anyone would be inspired by me – until this week. I received a lovely tweet from an art teacher who liked my charcoal sketches – so much so that she was going to show them to her Yr 12s as inspiration!

imageimageShe then very kindly tweeted some images of the work the students had done – go to @potterkatiehook to have a look!

Shortly after that another kind lady tweeted how my sketchbook watercolours had inspired her to get her sketchbook out and start sketching! That same week a gentleman tweeted how inspiring he found my watercolours! Now I don’t profess in anyway to belong to that elite band of artists I quoted above – but in my own little way, if I can inspire someone else to have a go then that’s great!

Talking of my charcoal/watercolour sketches – I have been working really hard at loosening up. Sometimes, in my drawing, I can get very tight, worry too much about the detail rather than concentrating on the mood and emotion. In an effort to combat this I have a great time experimenting with moving watercolour paint around on different paper surfaces including Fabriano Artistico and Bockingford, trying to portray the mood of the elements. Here are some of my efforts!!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageAm I succeeding in creating mood and atmosphere in my landscapes? Not sure, what do you think? One thing is certain, I am really enjoying using the Daniel Smith watercolours and wonderful papers!

And finally…just a reminder that the Private Viewing of Inspired by Nature at Blue Owl Art is this Thursday 30th April 7 – 9pm. Would be great to see some of you there!!

Fragile Lands II

2 thoughts on “An Inspirational First…blog update

  1. it is not often one comes across a brethren spirit who’s art has the kind of inspiring vibration that makes the heart jump in glad recognition.

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