Wild, windswept wonderings…..

Growing up in flat Lincolnshire and living in landlocked Leicestershire, I find myself fascinated by the windswept, stunted and gnarled trees on the hill tops in west Wales. Shaped by the winds, they grow, twisted, bending but not broken…

Using indian ink and charcoal, I have attempted to capture their spirit, producing several studies….


Wondering how to develop these studies… had this one printed up as a card…


Question is, shall I have some of the others printed as cards…..?


Transitioning daboodles…….

Recent travels have seen me back home to Leicestershire, to Wales and to Scotland for some R &R ….just need to visit Northern Ireland and I will have the full set!

Although the weather was changeable in Scotland we still managed to get out and about, visiting the Falkirk Wheel, the fabulous Kelpies as well as a wonderful drive through Glen Coe – an area we would love to explore further!

Falkirk WheelKelpiesGlen CoeI have also continued, albeit it in fits and starts, to doodle in my sketchbook, or is that dabble…..or could they be classed as daboodles…..(thank you SW for this new term!)





Confidence is returning as far as working in my sketchbook – the problem arises when I have to translate these daboodles into ‘proper’ worked up pieces……. Please forward any advice on a postcard….