Monday Musings….

Had a break from painting over the weekend, I went to visit my old stomping ground of Loughborough University. The Postgraduate Arts Degree Show was on so I thought I would have a peek. I have toyed with the idea of doing a Masters since graduating, wondering if it would provide me with the direction I feel I am lacking at the moment. ….However, I have to say I was a little disappointed in the exhibition. Remembering how, as undergraduates, we were expected to produce a ‘professional’  show, the Postgraduate Show appeared to me, to have been an afterthought, shoved in a corner (& I realise this might not be of the students doing), whilst the university gears itself up for the start of term and an open day. I realise art is subjective and I don’t know the full requirements of the course but I must admit to feeling a little underwhelmed and as undecided as ever!

And so it’s Monday and back to my 3 washes….


The LH wash is a mix of Amethyst Genuine and Rich Gold Green, the middle is Rose of Ultramarine and French Ultramarine with another attempt at salt effects, whilst the RH wash is Perinone Orange and Cascade Green and clingfilm effects. All the colours are Daniel  Smith apart from the French Ultramarine. As I said in an earlier post, I am obviously a slow learner and today is no exception, not leaving the clingfilm on until the pigment is completely dry, and that green and violet produce a muddy colour, or, as in the above example,  don’t combine at all…..

Following Jean Haines advice in her fab book, ‘Paint Yourself Calm’, I proceeded to attempt her exercise of positive, negative painting, thinking of all the obstacles I put in the way……biggest of which is my lack of confidence….

imageimageThey really feel like a case of the Wash Day Blues….. matching the weather….

So, in order to end on a positive, I started a wash of roses in Rose Of Ultramarine on a larger piece of paper……


I will add to these tomorrow whilst working on overcoming my obstacles….


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