That Age Old Question….

Continuing on with my attempts to get to grips with watercolour, I began, as usual with the ‘no pressure’ washes as advocated by Jean Haines.

imageRegular readers will note that there are 4 washes today….(All the pigments are by Daniel Smith apart from the Quinacridone Gold). The LH wash is Quinacridone Pink and Ultramarine Turquoise producing a quiet wash, whilst the next one is Green Apatite Genuine and Rose of Ultramarine with clingfilm. This one hasn’t worked so well; the green produced some great effects with water, but I was determined to use clingfilm on it……resulting in a dirty wash…..lesson learnt…if something looks great…leave it!!The RH two washes are Quinacridone Gold with Ultramarine Turquoise and furthest right, with Indigo. Here I will admit to being unsuccessful with the salt effects on the Indigo wash, hence my fourth wash of the day…..this time with slightly better results…

imageimageI then continued with Jean’s exercise of positive/negative painting – imagining obstacles….


To my mind these washes look ‘bitty’, and I was not quick enough to ‘bleed away’ – to use Jean’s term – the pigment, hence the hard lines around the ‘obstacles’. But do you know, I’m not worried…. and that’s a big step forward for me!! I know where I made mistakes and I know how to fix them…

Anyhow, even though the washes weren’t great, I proceeded to add a little more to them…

imageand it seems to have lifted them a little…..

I then moved back to my rose wash…(if it seems as though I am flitting from one piece to another, remember I am trying hard to be patient and let each wash dry completely before deciding what to do next……not always successfully I may add!!)

imageAdding detail, but all the while trying to remember that this is not a piece that I thought would be successful enough to frame…..

imageslowly, slowly building up the detail….


And here’s that old age question, even if it is just a study….when to stop……I know these are supposed to be roses but I don’t know if it is clear to the viewer….but the more I add, the more I feel as if I am fiddling…perhaps it’s time to put it to one side and start another…..


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