Playing & Procrastinating….

I am not one of those people who normally make New Year’s resolutions but 2017 has seen me choose a word for the year that I can apply to various aspects of my life…..the word being ‘Commitment’.

So January has found me very committed to exercising, twice weekly Pilates classes and swims, doing more home cooking….which in turn has led me to being committed to not wasting any food …can only be a good thing!

The only area where I am having trouble committing is in my art…. Oh I can playing and experiment to my heart’s content….


….but the problem lies in how to move forward with these sketches and that’s where the procrastination comes in…..I have no idea….


2 thoughts on “Playing & Procrastinating….

  1. I have a similar dilemma Carolyn, so I sympathise. I find many of my experimental/play pieces work out well, but (unlike some artists who can do it) I cant use these as studies to work from. When I try it inhibits my freedom of working (which is why I don’t work from sketches either). All I can do is study the pieces, put them away, select the media and larger surface that I want to work up to, then trust that what I’ve learnt and developed from the experimental pieces will feed into the new work subconsciously. Alternately (or as well as) you can alway frame up the best of these ‘play’ pieces. One thing though – this kind of experimental work is never wasted, I think its essential to our development. It’s certainly not a lack of commitment.

    1. Thx Mari, know what you mean about trying to work from the studies, totally inhibits me and the work loses all spontaneity. Trying to summon up the nerve to be as spontaneous on more expensive supports!
      As you say, experimenting is essential; it’s helping me develop my own style….

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