A Hard Lesson to Master….

I am using my ‘Six in Twenty’ studies to experiment with different media – watercolour, inks, pastels etc as well using various implements to apply said media; brushes, wooden sticks, pegs, bits of twigs….you get the picture….

….these studies are done on old sketch book paper so I know the effects will be slightly different on heavier paper but I am learning nonetheless….

From today’s Six….

img_0009…I am learning what I like and what I feel works well….and more importantly, how I achieved these results….as in the following two studies…

img_0007img_0008…and the not so good, that hard lesson to master…..not fiddling…


I didn’t like the original washes….so I persisted in fiddling….and fiddling….until..too late… the study turned into a splodge…..

i will keep plugging away but I’ve a feeling this lesson is a hard one to master!!


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