One Step Forward, Two Steps….

Whenever I have a break from my attempts at ‘art’ I always feel as if I am back to square one when I pick my brush up again…..such has been the case this week. Family visits/visiting meant my brushes have lain idle …not that I would swap family visits for anything!!!

So today I started with another ‘Six in Twenty’….only to find myself ‘faffing about’ on the first four meaning I had to rush the last two…








I find myself remembering what worked on previous occasions and I try to re-create those works….and therein lies the problem….when I try to deliberately re-create, the work loses all spontaneity…. Another lesson to remember….

I’ve also been trying different watercolour paper surfaces…


I don’t this one works as well as previous attempts….but I like the one below on smooth paper…


….I love all the ‘cauliflower’ blooms and marks….think I will call this one ‘ When Sky and Land Meet’….

Slow progress…hence the one step forward, two steps backwards..


2 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Steps….

  1. Your experience mirrors mine almost exactly Carolyn. It’s frustrating but I don’t know what the answer is except to work through it. It makes me understand why some artists (often famous/often in the past/often men lol!) ‘selfishly’ locked themselves in their studios for long periods of work!

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