…….That Is The Question….

While today’s ‘Six in Twenty’ were drying…



I used the time to tidy the studio (back bedroom between you and me)……size wise, the words swing, cat and around spring to mind…..

Anyway…I found some offcuts of mountboard so decided to try a different surface…..


After initial marks using charcoal and ink washes….I added hints of colour with watercolours…


….and now the question is….do I add any more…..

i think I will put it to one side whilst I procrastinate….


2 thoughts on “…….That Is The Question….

  1. You’re blog is like reading my own mind. I have just the same ‘white page’ fear.

    One artist friend of mine said her art lecturer told her to ‘wipe the smile’ off the paper! Just swipe charcoal, pastels or paint across the surface! Anything to take away the white glare which seemingly sneers at me, mocking my thoughts of producing a great painting.

    I’ve found that newspaper doesn’t hold the same contempt for my scribbling! I’ve done some of my masterpieces on newspaper – with ink, drawing with a twig from a tree 🌲 in the garden.

    In fact that’s what I teach beginners to do. They’re always confused and mock my methodology- until they try it. ‘The inks dripping everywhere’ they cry out ‘I can’t control this twig, this is daft’

    That’s the point, I say!

    1. Hi Wendy, I love that idea of ‘wiping the smile off the paper!’ Ditto all the exercises with twigs, non dominant hand, not looking at paper….all useful ways of overcoming the fear! I too, practice on scraps of paper & sometimes, just sometimes, I produce something I like….

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