It’s Just A Piece Of Paper…..Isn’t It?

Following on from yesterday’s post I am continuing to experiment… and because these pieces are just experimental I have been using scraps of paper, mostly torn pages from old sketchbooks….

It seems so wasteful to use expensive sheets of paper for experimental work; I should feel free to make marks, splash ink and watercolour around and not worry about the cost..

…but therein lies a problem….the paper is so thin it immediately soaks up the medium and I am therefore unable to push the inks etc around, leading to unsatisfactory results…

…even torn paper from being too enthusiastic with the plastic card or roller. Now, in my logical head, I know that I shouldn’t expect masterpieces, frameable work…these are just experiments after all…but if the surface I am using does not allow me to make expressive marks, move mediums around, then I have just got to overcome this voice in my head telling me not to be wasteful and use more expensive paper…even if I am just experimenting….

..and the proof of the pudding as they say…..the one below was done on heavier weight paper…and I quite like it…..


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