Trials and Tribulations…

A couple of things have become patently obvious to me on this wet August morning…..I never realised how important space was and…..I am definitely a technophobe….

Trying to build on the process driven ‘Abstracted Landscape Workshop’ run by artist Caroline Chappell that I recently attended, I set to work with inks and charcoals…only to discover that I was not achieving the same freedom, the same spontaneity in the work… Couldn’t think why until I remembered how liberating it was having two tables all to myself and lots of space to move around in at the workshop…

Working in my tiny back bedroom, I felt constrained…hence the work didn’t have the same qualities…

..what you can’t see in the above photo is the crammed bookcases, stacked boxes and a ‘walk-in, reverse out’ route to the workspace… It was so lovely during the workshop to have all that SPACE!! I feel a major tidy up, clear out session coming on…..

The other thing that is obvious is that me and technology are not soulmates…. I am trying (very…) to set up a website…and even after my patient husband has shown me what to do, left to my own devices I have now got headings where I don’t want them, photos uploaded to heaven knows where and unwanted words….It all seemed such a good idea at the time…

Having had cards printed that I was hoping to sell …

…and an ink & charcoal study that I was going to give away as part of the launch of the website..

…I will now have to wait until said husband returns from work and rectifies my many mistakes….

Feel the need for caffeine…

4 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations…

  1. I sympathise Carolynn. I used to work in our utility room, a six foot by five foot space that I shared with the washer dryer. I was there for a few years before getting my present studio. I still sometimes find myself hedging myself into a corner instead of spreading out! It’s amazing how much difference being able to stride about and sweep our arms about or fling paint makes to our work. Good luck with the website!

    1. Thx Mari…as I said, it was just so liberating splashing the ink around, moving about….oh well…
      Will see how I get on with the website….xx

  2. Hi Carolyn

    Had to reply briefly – away, so couldn’t download all – to say I so know what you mean! Thank goodness I am not the only one feeling things are not right. I used to paint with a friend in her spacious studio, now I am squished in the third bedroom with all sorts of other stuff as well as painting gear. I just can’t paint with the same freedom. Like you, I am going to have a Grand Sort Out! Good luck with yours 😊

    All best wishes Louise

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