The River, The River…

After two days of seemingly non-stop rain it was good to wander to the river…..

River, river, little river!

Bright you sparkle on your way,

O’er the yellow pebbles dancing,

Through the flowers and foliage glancing,

Like a child at play.


Sunlight reflecting off the lily(?) leaves, creating strips of silver near the water’s edge…reeds trembling in the breeze…

The meadow opposite is now feeding station central as swallows and swifts swoop and dive, performing aerial acrobatics the like of which we can only dream of, all the while chattering…preparing for their departure…

The passing narrow boat disturbs the water…

…and the birds skim the surface….

Buzzards call, circling upwards….geese fly past, honking…announcing their presence…a hidden heron lurches skywards…disturbed by the approaching passer-by…

The river banks’ foliage, hinting at autumn, weighted down with developing seed heads, rust-coloured, a magnet for sparrows…a wren…

Ode To A Summer Day

Memory circumscribes me…immediate and absolute

When I breathe the scent of a summer day,

My senses tuned in harmony and grace

To the subtle essence of things growing…the soft murmur

Of foliage unfolding…a whisper

Of organic particles in a fugue of decay

I remember now…a special moment near a winding road

By a river stream,

The lingering odour of late summer in the wind

Surrounding me like smoke in a slow pavane of green

The music of the air weaving every nuance of sound

Of patterns arabesque like leaves on fine cut-glass,

Leaving echoes in my mind

Of a sonic tapestry now

Forever stilled…

(Joe G Trevino Jnr)


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