The Colour Purple….

Life is all about balance, finding the time to re-charge the batteries, gaining inspiration…and Saturday saw myself and P do just that, re-charging the batteries for P and gaining inspiration for me….

We headed for the hills, The Peak District, Derbyshire, parking up at The National Trust Longshaw Estate and walking round Carl Wark and Higger Tor, before skirting Burbage Bank.

Blustery winds brought fast-changing weather; sunshine one minute, dark clouds and rain the next…but it was beautiful… the light reflecting the predominant colour ….purple…

…purple as far as eye could see….

Contrasting with the heather was the stone and the bracken, rippling in the breeze like some silver sea…


…and even though I didn’t get round to sketching ‘in situ’ – something I must do – the walk, the colours, the elements all inspired me…

So today I tried to capture some of those in some quick studies…

…as with all experiments, I feel some work better than others…

…whether these lead to anything, we will see, but the fact that I have found inspiration again is such a good feeling…

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