It’s A Funny Thing…

I am really enjoying developing the inspiration and ideas I garnered from our weekend walk around Carl Wark and Higger Tor in the Peak District…

‘Paths gone to heather

Grasses silver underfoot..’

from Hob Hurst’s House by Chris Jones


…the colours, the light, the gritstone, the elements… and it is these very things that have inspired me to break out of my comfort zone…I am very happy using ink and charcoal, but the images just shout out for colour, and the strong lines of the tors call for brave marks…..

…and initially, when I have no idea what I am doing, I somehow manage to produce some work I actually like…


…and it’s then that that funny thing happens…ooh I think to myself, I like that…lets try and do it again…and all that freedom and spontaneity is lost…and I end up with work that I am not happy with…and the more I try, the less it works…

…so today I have been reminding myself of what it was like to stand atop Higger Tor, in the wind and the rain, that feeling of freedom, exhilaration, of insignificance – the Tor will be there long after I have shuffled off…

…and somehow, somethings have worked…

…so it’s simple then (!!??), just don’t worry and don’t try so hard; that’s all there is to it…







9 thoughts on “It’s A Funny Thing…

      1. ☺️ I used to paint alongside another artist, and chatting helped! Went on automatic pilot paint wise- usually came out better than if I concentrated 🙄

      2. No-one to paint alongside for the most part….will have to concentrate on singing along to the radio rather than the work😊

  1. Really your new work (although I’m a fan of the monochrome too) and particularly love the 1st painting, the tall narrow one, stunning! And I so agree with you about ‘I like that, let’s try it again’ and ‘the more you try the less it works’. It’s sooo frustrating! I love listening to radio 4, but have a set of various classical tracks (old and contemporary) downloaded from i-tunes that I listen to when radio 4 lets me down. That usually set me off into the ‘zone’. 🙂

  2. Ha ha Mari…if only we could write a How To Capture That ‘X’ Factor Guide we could make a fortune!! Failing that I will just keep plugging away….I find I work best when I have several on the go…working quite fast so I don’t have time to faff…doesn’t always result in a masterpiece….just occasionally….And the, debate or drama definitely has a bearing on my mark making!!

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