Reflective Ruminations…..

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that whenever I attempt to create art my brain should remain firmly in neutral…

This week has definitely been  ‘one step forward, two steps backwards’…

Spontaneity is key in producing the work I like…freedom of washes and ink splatters, dynamic mark-making… I managed to create some ‘okay’ pieces…and that’s when the problems set in..

…consciously trying to recapture that freedom resulted in less pleasing work..

…and the more I tried the worse it became…I began to include more and more mediums until it all got a bit ‘busy’…

So I made an effort to simplify things and to try not to fiddle..

…now I know I am my own worst critic, but I don’t like these pieces as much as my very first attempts…  I think I have become too fixated on a particular image and that is having a stultifying effect on me… so for now I am putting Higger Tor to one side…and trying to find a fresh perspective…obviously one where I don’t have to think too much…

(..whilst still enjoying those first pieces…)

…someone else liked the one below so much…they bought it…(!!!)

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