Watching The Process…

Last night I attended a demonstration by artist Paul Talbot-Greaves…hosted by The Leicester Sketch Club. I am not a member of the club but some of their events are open to non-members for a small fee, this being one of them. I became aware of Paul through social media,( it does have its uses!!) and liked his use of colour as well as the way he captures the light and shadows in his work, so jumped at the chance to see him in action!!

I was made very welcome by the club and a packed house settled down to watch the demonstration…

…(apologies for the photos, trying to catch shots amongst a crowd is not easy…)

… I definitely had a better view than this image portrays, the OHP being great for watching the process..

Punctuating his demo with humour, answering questions as they arose and quoting his mantra…’Start with a mess, end with success’ Paul took us through his way of working, from outline sketch, through initial washes to the final layer…and like many accomplished artists, made it all look so simple…..although I am sure the whole audience appreciated that this level of painting is achieved through hard work and practice, practice, practice….

Paul’s finished demonstration piece above…. the image doesn’t do it justice as you can’t see all the detail, the nuances of dark and light and texture… if you get the chance to see Paul demonstrate in person I highly recommend you do so!!


Couldn’t let the evening go by without a couple of souvenirs….

As mentioned earlier The Leicester Sketch Club were very welcoming and looking at their programme of events, from monthly meetings, workshops, outdoor sketch days, critiques…it appears to be a very active club. I am tempted to apply to become a member but dread having to submit work to be judged…how would I feel if I wasn’t deemed to meet their standards…? One to ponder….

2 thoughts on “Watching The Process…

  1. I have seen Paul’s paintings and really like them – as you say, the dark, light and texture he gets is very atmospheric. Thanks for posting this. Afraid I am suffering from ‘acrylic block’ at the moment. Nothing going right. I need more paintings as just been told about two exhibitions coming up! Ho hum. Suspect will have to submit older ones….😕

    Congrats on your p/c etc sales!


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  2. It was really interesting watching his process!! Know what you mean about ‘block’…starting new work after having had some success is always difficult…as I said, I worry I will never produce anything worthy….quite inhibiting…& no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s just a piece of paper or a canvas, to lighten up, just go for it…’s still hard…I feel your pain!!

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