Maintaining The Momentum…..

Although I don’t create art in the expectation of making lots of money…(I love making marks and splashing colour around!!!)…for a number of reasons it is important to me that this artistic journey at least pays its way…

I am in the lucky position of knowing the owners of Blue Owl Art who have kindly invited me to take part in several exhibitions in their gallery space, the most recent one being ‘Exploring Place’. This has been the most successful exhibition for me – out of the twenty pieces I submitted, nine have sold….still a little shocked… and there is still a couple of weeks to go…so still time for another cheeky sale or two..!!

Alongside this exhibition I have also set up my website  – this is still a work in progress, with new pieces/sections being added…

The problem I am faced with now is maintaining this momentum…as I said, I know the owners of Blue Owl Art so have no difficulty in approaching them…the same cannot be said of other galleries/outlets…I have read that galleries don’t like ‘cold callers’…so I would be interested to know how other artists have overcome this problem…

5 thoughts on “Maintaining The Momentum…..

  1. Well, it is all a mystery to me…..I get different replies when I ask, although cold calling is definitely a no-no. I got one gallery via Twitter! I was told by others to email with brief cv and images – then another told me he rarely looked at those 🙄 A lot seem to go by ‘recommendation’ but you have to get out there first! I usually suss out a gallery to see what sort of work they already hang, and if the owner seems approachable, I ask……..but some can be rather sniffy. Sorry – not much help! Great you have the support of Blue Owl 😊

  2. Thanks….always interesting to hear of others experiences….mine field and persistence plus a thick skin are the words that spring to mind when negotiating this area!!😳

  3. Do not send images! Research galleries and the art they sell, to find one that is a ‘fit’ with your work (and prices!). Find the relevant email address and if possible the name of the person who most likely makes the decisions/runs the exhibitions (google the gallery).
    Email a short message (addressing it to the name you found) asking if they are taking on new artists, and if so would they be interested in considering your work. Then add a link to your website (make sure its up to date). It’s okay to add a line or two about yourself/your art, but keep it brief. (You need to make it easy for them, they are usually pretty busy people).
    Thank them for their time and maybe add ‘I look forward to hearing from you’, then sign off. And wait!
    Don’t badger them. If you don’t hear back you could try again in a few months as it may have gone into their spam folder (I did this with one gallery and discovered they hadnt seen the email and I now show with them!).
    Hope this helps.

    1. Thx For the advice Mari…as ever your generosity is really appreciated! Will take a look at some local galleries. Also thought about entering some competitions although will have to consider costs…😄

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