Inspirational Landscapes, Inspirational Artists…

During our recent trip to Yorkshire we managed to see two fabulous exhibitions…the first being Lesley Birch‘s ‘Ethereal Moments’ at Scampston Hall… Being a great admirer of Lesley’s work via social media it was wonderful to be able to see it ‘in the flesh’! Gorgeous layers of colour created beautiful, evocative paintings capturing the ever-changing light, scenery and that sometimes indefinable ‘feeling’. Just fantastic….and the cup of tea and scone in the Garden CafĂ© was very nice too!

Although I would love to own one of Lesley’s paintings I will have to settle for the above cards…

The second visit was to a retrospective exhibition of Peter Hicks at the Inspired by…Gallery at the Moors National Park Centre, Danby near Whitby. The works covered a 60 year period showcasing his development from student to landscape artist. His work covers both the immense drama of the landscape as well as the smaller details…I particularly liked his wall of several hundred postcard sized works…apologies, no photos owing to gallery policy…

I loved the colours and the marks he used to capture the landscape…it was interesting watching the accompanying DVD to see how he created the large works…sitting on a stool pouring paint from margarine tubs and the like before moving the paint around with brushes attached to long sticks…a technique I might have to try myself given my recent health issues…

Again, not having won the lottery, cards are my reminder of a wonderful, inspiring exhibition…

It was wonderful to see these exhibitions in one of my favourite counties…in the landscape that inspired the artists…



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