It’s Not All About The Art…

…..but oh how I wish it was….

Being an artist, the right side of the my brain is obviously to the fore…. which means I struggle with the business side of things… no question I would be eaten alive if I ever appeared on Dragons Den…

However difficult creating art is, and some days are much easier than others, it pales into insignificance whenever I have to focus on business matters: marketing, self-promotion and budgets…. all of which give me a great deal of angst…

A first time exhibitor at the Melbourne Festival in September, preparations are progressing, albeit slowly at times… and it is very much a learning curve… I have no idea how much work I should take, how many pieces need framing and how many I can take just mounted, what work to have prints from…and again how many…. and in my head all I can see is a lot of outlay and no guarantee of at least recouping that money…. (doesn’t help in that I have just placed a – to me – large order from Jacksons Art)

At the moment even thinking of titles is difficult…

I always like to title my work with some link, however tenuous, to the inspiration for it…. but that’s proving very elusive at the moment….

However, I am sure it will all come together in the end and if everything isn’t perfect, at least I will have learnt a few lessons along the way…and next time it will all be much easier…(!!!)

For now I will continue producing and collating possible work…

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